Now, Love has Come

A miracle is on its way. When we experience a time of waiting on God for the answer, if you look back, you’ll see that there was a time of preparation that God set in place. He prepares his people, stirs them, that they may draw closer as he prepares them for what is next. Just think of the Israelites on their way to the promised land. Their journey reveals how God was teaching them to trust that he would provide, purging them, revealing himself through miracles and making a way. Eventually, they stopped circling in the desert because they were ready for their breakthrough. It’s all proof of the preparation they needed in order to conquer the giants and enter the land God promised to them.

Sometimes, I’ve experienced something wonderful that God has done for me, and then tragedy strikes. God used his peace through that wonderful experience prior to the tragedy to sustain me and secure me in my faith, so that I could believe for victory during the tragedy. There are also times when the tragedy teaches us to draw closer to him to prepare our faith, so that we may learn to stand firm in adversity. Whatever the journey, the preparation can often mean that it follows with a time of waiting on God for the breakthrough.

The long-awaited Messiah came, leaving his throne and took the form of a man. The preparation for his coming, as a helpless baby, was a prophecy of great anticipation. Love had finally arrived on the scene and now everyone was waiting to see how this little child would change their world. Don’t despair when you find yourself waiting for your breakthrough. God will reveal all because he has prepared you too for such a time as this.

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