Cleaning Toilets

We spend our days making the best of it. We trust the God of the universe to put the pieces in place, and yet we face struggles and constant rearranging of life's details. No one can know how their life will change from one event to another. Life knows pain, divorce, child-loss, torment, job-loss, career change, joy, the miracle of love, birth and death. These changes bring growth and transformation. We must ask ourselves, how does the most recent change of life, bring transformation? Is the transformation in your life for the good, yet unseen or is it a pursuit of something greater?

Although life is a revolving door of changes, God never changes. He remains constant and his love for us doesn't change. No matter what stage of life and place of faith we are in, he is faithful. Even in the storms of life, he is riding the wave with us so that we don't find ourselves washed up on the wrong shore. While we're riding the wave, we may face times when we look around us and see others who are pursuing their dream, walking in the prime of their calling, and seeing great things happen for them. We ask ourselves, "Why is God doing that for them, but I'm stuck here cleaning toilets?" I guess I have to ask you, "Well, don't you think that "per se", cleaning toilets is important?" Yes, it is, but no one is measured by the toilets they clean. In God's eyes, no one is measured by what they do. We are measured by our character, our faithfulness, especially, in the way we trust him. Although there will be times when we sink, our failure only makes room for more of God's grace in our lives.

Comparing ourselves to others is like saying, "God is not enough." In reality, when we compare ourselves to others, we are saying, "We don't trust his perfect will for our lives, no matter what it looks like right now." While we are trying to do our best, our insecure faith in God will change our outlook on our circumstances, how we treat our friends, even judging others and our perception of them. Determine to reflect a life that does not judge others but demonstrates his love inside and outside. Instead, realize the fact that God's grace is greater because you can totally trust him in the midst of your own discontentment, even while cleaning toilets.


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by Laurie Marks Vincent. – copyright, The Little Book of Abundance. You are welcome to share this on social networks, however, please do not copy without the expressed written permission of the author.

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