Laurie Marks Vincent is the Radio Host and Author of the radio devotionals, “Wings to Victory” airing on Racman Christian Radio, the Cpop Network, and the WJIC Network. Embracing the title of her first book “Wings to Victory”, she highlights a 13-year journey while she suffered from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Depression until the Lord miraculously healed her in 2001.

Laurie has written and released devotionals and a few short study series during her ministry, long before she had written her book. As this website grows, you’ll find current devotionals in several media formats, as well as updates on additional books Laurie has written and available to you.  You’ll be blessed by her “Wings to Victory” devotionals. If you subscribe, you’ll receive them directly in your email when there is a new post on this website.

Laurie is also an International Keynote speaker, Author, Award Winning Vocalist, Songwriter and Recording Artist. She is also the director of the Christian Women’s Fellowship for London Ontario and Region. Her husband Scott travels with her when she is ministering at conferences, churches, and other Christian events. You can visit her website for more about her ministry and consider booking her for an event in your area, by visiting her official ministry website